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Network Monitoring

Automatic Scanning of Network Devices via multiple protocols. Vendor-agnostic approach to monitor parameters like Device Availability, Link Availability, Bandwidth Utilization, Rx, Tx etc. directly as well as through user-created VLANs. Numerous Data representation for availability tracking of Primary & Secondary ISP links and critical links like MPLS, P2P, LL etc. via flexible dashboards and Reports.


Database Monitoring

Direct view of each database element performance from browser and monitor instances on both virtual and physical servers. Light-weight and agentless technique to optimize performance with response-time and transaction based analysis for MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSql and IBM DB2. Instant detection of database outages, failures, and table corruption as well as predictive assay of storage requirements and index performance.

Server Monitoring

Ensure optimal performance of servers from all vendors including Dell, IBM, HP, Fujitsu etc. running on any OS like Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX etc. Granular level analysis and tracking of individual processes & services running on each servers to track performance issues. Server specific overviews for key parameters like CPU, Memory, Disk & HD Utilization, Server Health, etc.


Application Monitoring

Monitor individual applications with respective application specific important parameters. Supports Email applications like Exchange, Notes, Zimbra, Dominos, etc; Web Servers like Apache, Tomcat, IIS, etc; Application Servers like JBOSS, J2EE, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere etc. Enhanced End-User experience with direct access to pages and views for specific applications being monitored.

Virtualization Monitoring

Manage hosts & guests and workloads with automatic discovery of pools, hosts, host CPUs, etc. Monitor key parameters of Host like CPU Cores, Memory, VMs running, etc and VM key parameters like CPU, Memory and Disk Usage, etc. Tracing of VMs across host servers. Supports VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix XenServer and Linux KVM.

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